Jonas Ekström

Frontend developer for iOS/iPhone, Unity and some web. Swift/Xcode, C#/Unity and TypeScript/React.

CV (link)

Project/case: CarPay

Working with iOS/iPhone version of the app "CarPay" at Volvofinans Bank (built with Xcode/Swift). Also a little bit with web version (, built with React/TypeScript).

Project/case: CPAC Systems - Volvo Co-Pilot

Worked with a part of Volvo Co-Pilot, app in an custom Android tablet. The part I worked with was a realtime map for construction sites where drivers and alike can see where to load/go/not go etc. Built in Unity/C#.

Project/case: Easy laser - measuring

A Unity/C# app with multiple programs for realtime laser measuring to keep heavy machinary aligned and straight. I worked with the program for aligning planes/surfaces in a team of three.

Project/case: Unifleet - car leasing

A Xamarin/C# app where I built the iOS version. An app for leasing cars. Unifleet is owned by Bilia.

Project/case: Game development

I like to build games in Unity/C# and does this on the side from my main job. Did one for fun called "TheDudes". Is available in the iPhone Appstore. Working with a more serious mobile multiplayer game at the moment using UGS (Unity gaming services.) Multiplayer is cool!